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Swimming pools that are missing pool safety fences are a serious danger to children. With a well-built and well-installed pool safety fence, the tragedy of losing a child to accidental drowning and the needless devastation to families can be avoided.


Drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages 1 through 5, with 70% of these drownings occurring in swimming pools without a pool fence -while the parents are in the home. While nothing can replace close supervision of a child near a pool, it only takes a moment for a little one to fall in, without a pool fence or safety net.


We need to be continually reminded of how precious children are and what a responsibility keeping them and others safe, especially around a swimming pool. Let Pool Guard Safety Fences help keep your loved ones safe around your pool.

Pool Guard of Michigan Goes the Extra Distance Ensuring Safety from Pool Accidents among Kids

It is a necessity for people to fence off the area of swimming pool so that kids do not fall accidentally into the water when playing near it. This is a precaution that most house owners in Michigan are opting for year round. The winters in Michigan may require a second layer of protection or a protection of a different sort. A pool safety cover. Pool safety covers act as not only a layer of protection to keep children out of the pool but they also keep miscellaneous fall and winter “debris” out of the swimming pool. Nuts, leaves and limbs are a few of the debris that are kept out of the pool with a pool safety cover. This results in a pool (when it warms back up) that is much easier to open, significantly less algae in the pool and none of those pesky stains left by the leaves or compositional breakdown that settles at the bottom of an uncovered pool during the fall and winter months. As pool safety experts in Michigan, it is our responsibility to provide the best quality of pool safety fencing, pool safety nets or pool safety covers which will have optimal durability, optimal strength and optimal design for our customers. If you are seeking fencing or re-fencing your swimming pool area, then the Pool Guard dealers of Michigan will be an advantageous choice in assisting you in your needs.

Step wise approach in pool fences and covers - As installers of pool fences, safety covers and safety gates, our company has excelled in terms of services and quality of materials. We offer our services in almost every state including Michigan. The process is fairly simple to make your pool secure. Contact your local Pool Guard dealer, together you will collaborate for an appointment and upon the arrival of the dealer the various needs and options will be discussed. Upon agreeing on the pool safety solution, the dealer will provide you with a date and time of when the installation will be done. The installation of the different pool safety products vary depending on the amount fence is required, if there are multiple gates that need to be installed (in regards to the fencing) and weather. The pool safety cover portion of an installation will take usually about an hour to measure for the cover and depending on the complexity of the cover (waterfalls, rails, grottos) it should take two to four hours to install. More complex covers may take longer depending on the complexity of the installation.

Providing options in materials and designs – Pool Guard offers a range of color combinations of the border (the part that is sewn around the border of the mesh), the mesh itself and the poles. Having over 12 different color combinations allows you to blend the fence with your backyard so that the. The options for pool safety covers are almost as extensive. The respective Pool Guard of Michigan dealer can review the colors, warranty, materials and spring options with you. Each cover has a variety of colors and there are also a variety of different materials with a range for all budgets and needs. Pool Guard covers are made in the USA and come with the necessary installation and removal tools and even a custom storage bag for your pool safety cover for storage when you remove the cover.

BEFORE you use the family pool with your children, call us for a FREE ESTIMATE on pool safety fences today!


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