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Burkett’s has been in the pool business since 1989. Rob Burkett started the company with one simple mission, “we want to exceed our customer’s expectations in every component of the work we do.” The swimming pool business has evolved rapidly over the years with advances in materials for decking and plastering and selections for types and colors of stones used, however, one component that is consistent is every pool must have layers of protection against accidental drownings. Burkett’s offers a range of swimming pool safety equipment from installation of removable swimming pool safety fence systems to repair and maintenance of automatic pool covers. Burkett’s also offers pin down pool safety covers as an option for both keeping the pool safe as well as keeping debris out of the pool.

In many parts of the county, and in California particularly, it is safe to say no two pools are alike. The variety of shapes, materials and, most importantly, features is nearly as varied as the number of pools. Grottos, waterfalls and pool slides virtually eliminate the option for an automatic pool safety cover. The removable pool safety fence system becomes the best option when it comes to making the pool with special features safe for kids. Burkett’s is proud to offer Pool Guard pool safety fence systems to its customers in the Ripon and Central Valleys. Pool Guard has a twenty-year history of providing top of the line pool safety fence systems through dealerships around the country and around the world. A removable pool safety fence in conjunction with appropriately placed self-closing, self-latching gates is an attractive and convenient solution to pool safety where pool features prevent the use of other options. When you install a Pool Guard pool safety fence system, you are giving yourself and your family the peace of mind that children and pets have protection around the pool.

As a company that has remodeled over 15,000 pools and re-plastered more than 40,000 pools Burkett’s is truly the go to company in the area for pool plastering and all your swimming pool safety needs. Give us a call or send us an email, we would love to give you a free estimate for your unique swimming pool to give your family a safe and fun backyard pool.


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