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About Pool Fence Distributors

About Our Pool Guard Pool Fence Distributors

Pool Guard Manufacturing, Inc., one of the nation's largest manufacturers of pool fences and pool safety nets, has a wide distributor network spread out across the United States, Puerto Rico and Europe. Pool Guard would like to tell you about some of our distributors and why they are so passionate about pool safety. There are too many distributors to introduce each one separately, but we'd like you to know why we're so proud of this distributor network.

Each Pool Guard distributor has been extensively trained in the installation of pool safety fences and pool safety nets in our Tampa Bay facility. Before one of our pool fence distributors returns home he has already installed a few pool fences under the supervision of Mitch Currie, owner of Pool Guard. Additionally, each distributor is fully trained in the sales and marketing of the product in order to be able to provide their customers in their local markets with all of the knowledge necessary to ensure the proper product for that customer.

Pool Guard distributors have wide and varied backgrounds. For example, Andy Hines, owner of Pool Guard of Dallas, is a full-service fence contractor. Rick Leviton, owner of Pool Guard of Houston, is a licensed childproofing expert, with an extensive background in both in-home and pool safety. Chris Miles, owner of Pool Guard of Sarasota is a firefighter, as is Keith Peterson, owner of Pool Guard of Lakeland, and so is Tim Maloney, owner of Pool Guard of Arizona. As paramedics/firefighters these guys know the importance of pool safety and how a pool fence can save a young child's life and prevent accidents. Our Northern California distributor, Vern Davidson, is an expert in pool construction, pool renovation and has been installing pool fences for years. Our Pool Guard of Austin/San Antonio distributor is an expert in pool renovation and knows how important pool fences are. Koy Nichols, owner of Pool Guard of San Diego, became interested in becoming a Pool Guard distributor because he himself needed a pool fence and felt he would be improving the lives of small children in the San Diego area by providing pool safety. Sean Kern, co-owner of Pool Guard of New York is a New York City firefighter with two small children who believes passionately in pool safety. Ben Burgess, owner of Pool Guard of The Inland Empire and Pool Guard of Orange County was an installer of pool fences for years before venturing into his own distributorship. Bruce Radford, owner of Pool Guard of Ventura, purchased a Pool Guard pool fence to protect his own grandchildren and loved the product so much he became a distributor. Kevin Post, owner of Pool Guard of Tampa Bay, purchased a Pool Guard pool fence when he moved to Tampa from another State because he had a swimming pool at his new home and a small baby. He was so impressed with the concept of a pool fence that he became our Tampa Bay distributor. Steve Powell, owner of Pool Guard of Las Vegas, has been installing pool fences for a decade, and is a licensed fence contractor, as required by Nevada law. Jason Nash, owner of Pool Guard of Puerto Rico, recognized the lack of availability of pool fencing on the island of Puerto Rico and felt it was an important product to offer in that location.

The list goes on and on. Each and every Pool Guard distributor is dedicated to providing pool safety in their individual market and each distributor excels in this area. Pool Guard is proud to have every one of our distributors represent us from coast to coast. You can be assured that no matter which Pool Guard distributor across the country installs your pool fence, you are not only investing in a top quality pool fence backed by a lifetime warranty, but you are also having your pool fence installed by someone who not only is extremely knowledgeable and fully trained, but also by someone who believes in the importance of securing a swimming pool with a pool fence or a pool net and is dedicated to keeping your children safe.

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