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Child Guard Pool Fence

High quality child guard pool fences that don’t cost you more!


At Pool Guard, we use strong, high quality materials for our child safety pool gates and fences.

Our premium interlocking mesh is the strongest mesh available today and is a transparent mesh that allows you to clearly see through to your swimming pool, and other surroundings.

Mesh come equipped with:

  • Aluminum Quad Core posts with four internal support bars for added strength – posts that are placed every 36 inches reduces the number of holes required in your pool deck.
  • Mesh borders of marine-grade vinyl and stainless steel latches that will not corrode
  • Our industry exclusive Mono Pool Gate™ design is self-closing and self-latching. The pool safety gates on our baby pool fence options are also key-lockable and are very durable.
  • Custom non-conductive pole sleeves that meet national electric code. They will not corrode and can stand up to high impacts. If you should choose to take your child proof pool fence down, you can put matching gray, beige, or white deck caps in the sleeves.

Our lifetime warranty covers defects in all materials with any baby or child safety pool barrier.

We go the extra step to ensure safety by having our pool gates and fences tested by an independent company to certify that they meet ASTM standards and pool barrier codes. We also meet the even more demanding European LNE standards that require the robotic opening and closing of our fence gates 10,000 times to see how they stand up to long term use.

Having manufactured and installed more than 65,000 child pool fences in the U.S. and ever more abroad, we’ve learned how to build quality pool fences without adding cost

Your child safety pool fence and gate will be installed by one of our certified technicians. Our technicians are trained to make sure your fence complies with local codes and will always remain in place.


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Customer Review
"Thanks to Pool Guard Pool Fence, I can sleep at night knowing my youngest will be safe around our expensive new pool with our new baby pool fence."
Written by: S.G. - Texas

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