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save $25 on pool fence installationPets are an important part of many families, and we certainly recognize the importance of keeping your pets safe from any potential incidents with your pool.  To help pets from finding their way into a pool, and prevent pet drowning, we offer pet pool fences to help protect the furry family members. A pool fence for pets helps to prevent your pets from gaining access to the pool and helps eliminate potential incidents. 

Pool Guard offers custom pet pool fences starting at a height of 24" (for smaller pets) to as tall as 60" (larger pets).

Pool Guard pool fence for pets is strong enough to keep even large breeds of dogs safely away from the swimming pool. In addition a pet pool fence is essential when there is a handicapped (partial pet blindness, mobility issues, etc.) animal with access to the pool.

Protect your children, as well as your pets, by installing a pet pool fence in your home.

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