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Pool Safety Nets

Custom Swimming Pool Nets and Pool Covers that Stand Up Over Time

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High quality pool safety nets at a lower price

save $25 on pool fence installation
Independently tested and certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials Standards (ASTM). Pool Guard pool safety nets meet most state pool barrier codes:

All our pool net covers and solid covers:

  • Are made of 4mm thick polyethylene with maximum UV stabilized inhibitors to resist fading, deterioration, and shrinkage.
  • Use Marine grade stainless steel clips to hold the net to its respective anchors.
  • Come with a series of pulleys and ratchets that make them easy for the average adult to remove and reinstall. We also offer an optional PVC net roller for safe storage when not in use.
  • Allow you to have a choice of brass or high impact plastic anchors

Your pool safety net installation will be completed only by technicians who have gone through an intensive certification program to meet our strict standards.

Our efficient, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and computer-aided-design allows us to build in quality without building in more cost. Our manufacturing process allows us to minimize waste resulting in a savings to you and making Pool Guard a “green conscious” company.


pool net
pool net

Custom Made High Quality Pool Safety Nets Adds to Options for Protection

Whether you are hosting parties for friends by the pools or lounging in the pool side shade, the idea of fun with swimming pools in your house can be hugely varied. When this area is bustling with various activities, it is natural for people to become distracted. Pool Guard ™ is committed to providing care to our customers by installing one of their arsenal of pool safety devices including pool safety fence, pool safety nets or pool safety covers.

  • Driven by customer satisfaction and offering variety – Customer satisfaction has been our primary driving force and this is ensured by having pool nets of good material and multiple color offerings that lass long and are able to sustain the elements outside. Pool Guard provides not only a safe product but an aesthetically pleasing product as well.
  • Usage of latest technology to provide strength – To ensure that the pool safety nets are strong enough, we design these items with latest technology and materials. Polyethylene is used with UV inhibitors, so that the net doesn’t get weakened with exposure to sun and rain. Holding the nets on the edges is also important as the peripheries are subjected to maximum strain. To make sure that this is strong enough, only the best sailing (saltwater endured for testing) pulleys are used for the CTS along with marine grade finishing line.

Installations according to certified norms and regulations with proper tooling arrangements

During installations of the pool nets, our experts go along with all the necessary tools, so that the system is installed with regards to the way it was tested during the independent engineering tests so that your pool safety product is not only up to code but exceeds national and international standards. It is because of our services also that we have earned an excellent reputation on a global scale.

Pool Net Covers that are Easy to Install

Who says having the best pool nets covers have to be complicated to install and maintain? Pool Guard has designed their pool nets to allow for easy removal and re-installation of the pool net over the pool, with a series of pulleys and ratchets. Pool Guard also provides a net roller so the pool safety net can be rolled up and easily stored in a safe place when not in use.

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