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Removable Pool Fence

High Quality Removeable Pool Fencing!

save-$25Our removable pool fences are independently tested and certified to assure that they meet ASTM standards and pool barrier codes. Our temporary pool fences also meet the even more rigorous European LNE tests.

Customer Review
"Your Pool Guard pool fence is such a great investment! Thanks a million, Pool Guard!"
Written by: L.C. - Nevada

Our Removable Pool Fence options include time-tested materials including:

  • Our “premium” Interlocking mesh which is the strongest mesh available on the market, to date. This is even more transparent than our standard mesh that allows you to clearly see through to your pool, as if there were no fence there at all.
  • Quad Core Aluminum poles – these posts are supported by four internal bars for added strength.
  • The removable pool fence poles are placed every 36 inches, doing this reduces the number of holes required in your deck.
  • Marine-grade vinyl mesh borders
  • Stainless Steel Latches (corrosion resistant)

Meeting the Expectations of Pool Owners with Removable Pool Fences

Whenever people are thinking about adding safety features to their swimming pool areas, the idea of having a fence may come with mixed feelings. The most common remark from customers once the fence is installed is “that looks a lot better than I thought it would look." It might sound quite simple, but the manner in which we have maintained the standard of excelence makes people seek our services for removable pool fences.

  • Materials used in construction help greatly with their portability -Construction of the pool fences is done in a way that meets the expectations of our customers. Durability is one of the important requirements and we provide the same by having high quality materials. The net mesh that is used for surrounding the pool is made up of the best quality, with interlocking and interwoven fibers to withstand climatic changes. Furthermore, they are transparent enough despite being strong, so that the beauty of the pool is not obstructed.
  • Pillars and other accessories are lightweight and yet strong -An important element of the removable pools is the quad-core support pillars, which are strong and lightweight. They can be removed when required and the holes can be plugged with deck caps. Gates are built strongly as a separate unit and have strong hinges and latches. They can be thereby easily removed and joined as and when required.
  • Fulfilling expectations from every aspect of a pool fence Removable pool fences are in high demand these days because they meet the expectations of the pool owners as well as satisfy local ordinances or laws and are not aesthetically obtrusive so that most Home Owners Associates allow them. All of the parts used in such fencing are lightweight but durable . People themselves can remove and refit these, without much hassle. Once erected, they can provide great safety features because we make sure that the installations are done to serve the purpose of the customers.

Did you know our industry exclusive Mono Pool Gate™design is self-closing and self-latching? For your added protection, the gate is key-lockable to prevent unauthorized access to your swimming pool.

Having installed over 65,000 temporary swimming pool fences in the U.S., we’ve learned how to streamline our processes:

  • We save time at our cutting-edge manufacturing facility, designed by an industrial engineer, enables us to manufacture and assemble your removable pool fence with maximum efficiency.
  • In addition, we have processes in house that other pool fence manufacturers outsource, including welding and the powder coating of our pool gates and fences posts.


We offer a limited Lifetime Warranty on all materials, and we are constantly evaluating new materials. Our experience – supported by independent research has shown that quad core aluminum fence posts are superior to fiberglass fence post, which weaken and crack over time.


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