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Pool Rules, Resources and Useful Links: Pool Fencing

In addition to having a Pool Guard swimming pool fencing installed, here are some rules to help prevent accidents and drownings. These rules will ensure everyone has a safe, fun time swimming and provide a worry free pool environment.


  • Always have adult supervision.
  • Keep a portable telephone near the pool.
  • At least one adult family member should know CPR.
  • Never swim when there is lightning or thunder.
  • Do not allow running on the edge of the pool.
  • Keep large floating toys out of the pool - they block the view.
  • Keep deck areas free of clutter.
  • Teach all children to swim as early as possible.
  • Never allow young children to dive into a pool.
  • Install pool lights for night vision.
  • Have a clear view of the pool from inside your home.
  • Remove automatic vacuums from the pool before swimming.
  • Keep pool chemicals locked away.
  • Never allow extension cords near a pool.
  • Make sure your babysitters can swim - have them show you.
  • Always install a Pool Guard swimming safety fence. :)
  • Verify your swimming pool fencing is installed properly and the pool gates are closed.
  • Keep your pool fencing in place - always. Only remove pool fencing for maintence.

Additional Safety Rules While Visiting the Pools to Make it a Fun Experience

People visit their local swimming pools or have one designed in their yards, if they have space, primarily because it serves as a means to relax and have fun. In warm weather climates, the pool is an oft visited place. A lot of parties are also organized near these locations. During these visits to the pools, people are burdened to make sure that children are away from the pool area. This burden is reduced using pool safety fencing on the pools because it prevents kids from going too near to the water. The entire time of parents can therefore be spent in enjoying the event versus guarding their kids.

Number of safety rules to be followed when near the pools

A number of safety standards can be followed near the pools, ensuring that the kids and parents do not go into any kind of trouble. For this to work out, a few important steps should be undertaken. Swimming pool should always have adult supervision, if kids are around. Having few items like telephones, water safety jackets and long poles help in safe standards. Children should not be allowed to play or run on the edges of the pools and there shouldn’t be any large floating objects when kids are in the pools. It is also important to keep all chairs on the outside of the fence far away from the fence as well as all toys on the outside of the fence. This will reduce the enticement factor of the children to want to get to the pool. One of the best ways to prevent potential problems with kids in pools is to teach them swimming at the earliest age or opportunity. Try to keep your pool well lit at all times. Electrical connections or wires should be kept away from the water and in the event that one is spotted, contact a certified or licensed electrician to handle the problem.

Being aware more important than safety measures

While pool fences are the best standards for safety in such areas, following safety rules further ensures that the kids are not having any problems. Adults need to be aware of these measures and we at Pool Guard™ make sure that people in different communities are well versed with the safety standards. It is yet another contribution to the community that Pool Guard makes, aside from being the pool safety expert.

Swimming Pool Resources

Below is a list of website links to laws, regulations, and articles we believe will help you know more about pool safety and keeping your children safe.

Florida Laws


Nevada-Clark County

California State Laws

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